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Discarnates once lived upon the earth but for various reasons had difficulty transitioning to the spirit world when they died, thus becoming bound to the earth.

Discarnates once lived upon the earth as we do. For various reasons discarnates had difficulty transitioning to the spirit world when they died, thus becoming bound to the earth. One of my readers kindly commented that I hadn’t addressed the subject of discarnates also known as disembodied spirits or earthbound spirits.  I now desire to address this subject.  

Discarnates or earthbound spirits 

Reverend Benson died and came back to his colleague, Anthony Borgia, to clarify earthly misconceptions about the spirit world.  The reverend told Borgia the following about people who have become earthbound spirits:

Usually, these unfortunate people are tied to their earthly environment whatever it may be.   That attachment may be one of sentiment, where a great affection was entertained for the earthly home, or place of residence or work.  The attraction may be a morbid one, where some misdeed has been committed which draws back the guilty one to the scene of its perpetration.  Perhaps this latter is the most familiar to earth people under the designation of “haunted” places, and many people are puzzled by the fact that in a large number of cases the subject of “hauntings” has remained in operation for hundreds of years. 

pg. 340, The World Unseen, Anthony Borgia

Most people die in fear due to ignorance

Although dying is a natural process, the majority do not know what to expect after they die.  Reverend Benson told Borgia due to ignorance, or lack of correct knowledge which is another form of ignorance, most people die in fear.   

The majority of people arrive in the spirit world in a state of bewilderment and complete ignorance of the fact that they have passed from the earth world. 

pg 328, The World Unseen , Anthony Borgia

Mankind, in general, is content to remain in ignorance of what is to happen to him when he leaves the earth for the spirit world.

pg. 335, The World Unseen , Anthony Borgia

Taught incorrectly with fear-based doctrines

 You would assume the religious know more about the hereafter but because most are taught incorrect fear-based doctrines, they too are in a category of ignorance.  If people had even a basic true knowledge of the hereafter, it could alleviate so many unnecessary fears.

Judgment day fears

It is my opinion the majority of fear concerning the afterlife is created because of “judgment day” fears religions teach.  We all sin and do things wrong throughout our life so we either have to find peace with God and ourselves, or we leave this life fearful.  

Judge ourselves

It is my personal opinion we “judge ourselves” which probably isn’t super comforting because it is so easy to be hard on ourselves.  However, I think we would all agree “judging ourselves” sounds less scary than the big “Judgment day” that is or has been lurking in the back of our minds.  FYI, the reverend reported to Borgia that we do indeed judge ourselves in the hereafter.  

Fear, a tool of the adversary

Fear is a tool of the adversary designed to separate us from light or God.  So when a person is filled with fear because of ignorance, it is easy to be misguided.  When our minds are clouded with fear, we can’t see our way to God’s light.  Thus we see that fear can result in confusion causing the “limbo state” of discarnates or earthbound spirits.

Confused, lost or misguided

I believe many, if not the majority of discarnates, are not evil, they are simply confused, lost or misguided.
Photo by Dmitry Ratushny

After studying the subject of discarnates, I believe many, if not the majority of discarnates, are not evil, they are simply confused, lost or misguided.  Once someone is able to help a discarnate to relax in the arms of light or love, they will finally move to the spirit world to reside where they belong.  I think it is very probable that these type of spirits do not enjoy “haunting people” for hundreds of years.  

Getting Rid of Discarnates

If you would like directions on how to get rid of discarnates and other types of dark entities, see my blog titled, “Pray to Remove Dark Entities“.


To learn more about discarnates, the individual commenting suggested reading the book “The Unquiet Dead” by Dr. Edith Fiore.  If you would like to learn more about the spirit world, in general, I suggest reading “The World Unseen” by Anthony Borgia which I quote from sometimes on my blog. I wrote a previous blog about the spirit world and I plan to write more blogs about the spirit world in the future.

Thanks to the reader who perked my interest in the subject of discarnates or disembodied spirits.

Top Featured Photo by Joe deSousa

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