Demon Removal – Personal Experience – Prayer Included

There are people who use crystals, mantras, and therapies as demon removal tools.  I had the incentive to study dark energies including demons because my son was plagued by various dark energies.

What is a demon?  There are different definitions but I define demons as creations of Satan with the ultimate goal to replace light with darkness through deception.  So what tools can be used for demon removal?

Demon removal tools

There are people who use crystals, mantras, and therapies as demon removal tools.  I had the incentive to study dark energies including demons because my son has been plagued by various dark energies.  One of the earliest steps I took was to collect rocks especially crystals to absorb negative energy.  Although rocks absorb negativity and are good to place around the interior of a home, I learned through experience, the most powerful demon removal tool is a heartfelt prayer.

Heartfelt Prayer

I wrote a blog about heartfelt prayer if you would like to learn more details about praying more effectively.

Demon removal- What is a heartfelt prayer? A prayer that raises positive emotion.
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Two dark entities

Although I have witnessed first-hand the havoc demons can cause, I have only visibly seen two entities.  One had humanlike attributes but I would still describe it as a big, brutish creature I saw coming out of what looked like a cave.  The other one reminded me of an E.T. type creature, medium in stature and eerie looking.  I could distinctly feel their eeriness and I felt uneasy.  The ability to see negative entities is not a gift I seek because I didn’t like looking at the two I was privileged to see if you want to call it a privilege.

Preachers on TV

I have watched preachers on TV dramatically performing demon removal.  I find this drama quite unbelievable because my experience has taught me that all that is needed is a quiet, heartfelt prayer.  I have been offering prayers on behalf of my son for two and a half years, and what I have witnessed doesn’t match much of what you see on TV.

Muscle testing and pendulums

It is helpful to learn to muscle test or use a pendulum so you can test if demons and other dark energies are in or around a person.  I wrote a blog about muscle testing and pendulums if you would like to learn more about both these helpful tools.

Demon Removal Prayer

By the power of Jesus Christ (or whatever title you refer to as God), I command all demons and all types of dark energies (I say this in case there are other types of entities present) in and around ______________ to go to the light of God to be consumed by his love, and power and glory.  Thank you.

I let God decide whether to consume them with His light or begin to heal them with His light.  I don’t concern myself with this type of decision because I feel only God can perfectly determine the status of a spirit.

TIP: Remember demons can be destructive outside of a person too, so it is important to say in and around a person, place, or thing.

Spiritual shield of protection

It is important after all demons and all types of dark energies are gone to say a spiritual shield of protection prayer so the individual is surrounded by a shield of light.


It is very common after you command demons to God’s light for new demons to come.  Demons work in teams so when one leaves, it is very common for new ones to pick up where the last one left off.  In other words, these three steps will need to be repeated as needed (muscle test, demon removal prayer, and shielding), sometimes even numerous times per day.

FYI, spiritual shields often disintegrate because of fearful emotions, thus, we must work to control our emotions to maintain a more resilient shield of protection.

Beheld miracles

We have experienced numerous miracles, especially for my son, by offering simple, heartfelt prayers for demon removal along with other healing prayers.

Negative Entities from different creations

If the demons along with other dark energies do not respond, check out this healing prayer for negative entities from different creations.

Signs of dark entities and demons

I wrote a companion blog titled “Signs of dark entities – Includes Signs of Demons” if you would like to read it also.

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