Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayers – Powerful and Effective

As I began to offer a daily spiritual warfare prayer, I gradually learned about other healing prayers I felt the need to offer in behalf of my son that I would like to share in this blog post.

I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. Three years ago I discovered saying daily spiritual warfare prayers can heal and make a positive difference.

Bipolar II Disorder

My son, Darrell, has dealt with darkness (depression) for quite some time, but we didn’t know how serious it was until three years ago when we discovered Darrell was dealing with Bipolar II Disorder.

Where does darkness come from

I wanted to understand the origination of the darkness that was plaguing Darrell so I began to study intently. I discovered a world of darkness that surrounds the earth I never knew existed. I wrote a previous blog about where I believe most darkness or negativity originates if you would like to check it out.

Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Along with daily spiritual warfare prayers, I have tried using many antidotes to get rid of darkness/negativity.

  • Collecting Rocks
  • Cedar chips placed around our home
  • Lighting sage smudge sticks regularly
  • Diffusing essential oils on a daily basis
  • Energy work
  • Pyramids
  • Light therapy

I discovered the only method strong enough to get rid of dark negative evil spirits plaguing Darrell was heartfelt daily spiritual warfare prayers.

Various Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayers

As I began to offer a daily spiritual warfare prayer, I gradually learned about other healing prayers I felt the need to offer in behalf of my son that I would like to share in this blog post.

As I began to offer daily spiritual warfare prayers, I gradually learned about various healing prayers I needed to offer in behalf of my son.
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  1. Prayer to Remove Dark Entities – To rid your loved one of negative dark entities, you will want to say a prayer similar to the one at this provided link.
  2. The next prayer you will want to offer is a spiritual shield protection prayer. This prayer will protect your loved ones from further “dark entity” attacks until they become filled with fear again. Fear is the adversary’s greatest tool because fear breaks down shield barriers. In the case of my son, I sometimes re-shield him numerous times a day.
  3. One also needs to be aware that dark negative spirits often place curses, spells, spiritual weapons such as knives, swords, or/and shunts on people to cause problems and havoc. This link provides an example prayer to break (heal) these methods of spiritual warfare.
  4. Sometimes a person becomes so stressed from spiritual warfare methods that it causes their spirit to fracture. My son was so stressed for a couple of years that his spirit fractured on a daily basis. This link addresses how to pray for a fractured spirit to be reunited.
  5. Sometimes dark negative entities come from different realms and are called aliens. See this link to learn about a different type of prayer required to get rid of difficult aliens.
  6. The last type of healing prayer I wanted to mention is that sometimes a person can develop multiple personalities which can also be healed through prayer.

How do you know which prayers your loved one needs

I am sure you are wondering how you are supposed to know which prayers to say for your loved one. You will want to become familiar with receiving answers through muscle testing and pendulums which is explained at the provided link.


I know I have included a lot of links in this blog but I felt this was the best way to address each subject, but yet give access to various healing prayers in one compact location. Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions.

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