World of Spirits | Spirit Realm

Anthony Borgia was visited by his colleague Reverend Benson after he died.  Benson explained to Borgia in detail about the world of spirits.  Borgia wrote all the details down and published it in a book titled  The World Unseen by Anthony Borgia.  

Dr. Melvin Fish Summary

Dr. Melvin Fish wrote a short summary of his interpretation of Life in the World Unseen in his book titled Spiritual Stories that fits with my view of the world of spirits.

The spirit world is all around us. When one dies one’s spirit does not go to some distant sphere, the spirits stay right here in a spirit world connected to the earth. It is much like a high-rise apartment house with seven levels or planes. No matter what level a spirit is on it moves about as if it is on solid ground, not giving much thought to levels above or below.

The bottom plane is on the surface of the earth. Each plane is better than the one below it.  Therefore, the most negative spirits that reside in the world of spirits are here.  They are all around us.  They see us but, except for a few very gifted people, we do not see them. Because of the huge number of spirits that have lived and died, there are more of them than there are of us.  If we could see them we would be truly amazed.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are generators of energy.  Negative thoughts create negative energy and positive thoughts create positive energy.  As a result, when a person crosses over into the spirit world through what we call death, their spirit will naturally go to the level of the spirit world that is compatible with their self created energy.

In a sense, each spirit is trapped in the level where it resides because if one tried to go to a higher plane the energy would be too high a frequency and one could not endure it.  On the other hand, if one tried to go to a lower plane the energy would be too heavy and oppressive.  Heaven does have, however, special keys of power that can be used by those who have special missions to perform.  By those keys of power a spirit can visit the other planes of the spirit world.

Because each plane is better than the one below, the bottom one that is right here on the surface of the earth is the one known as the Spirit Prison.  Those spirits of the dead who reside there miss their bodies and they connect to us anytime they can.  As a result, at least ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of all people on earth have at least one dark spirit connected to them.  In other words, a dark negative spirit possesses them. Usually the effect is subtle and we do not realize that a spirit is present; however, the effect can be very profound.  Melvin C. Fish Ph.D., Spiritual Stories

Dr. Fish writes about his experiences with negative spirits in his book, Spiritual Stories, that are very interesting and often amazing!

Opposition- Purpose of Negative or Dark Spirits

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Baptism for Little Children | Can Little Children Sin

Is baptism for little children necessary? Let’s ask ourselves another question before we consider that question. Can little children sin?

Wherefore, little children are whole, for they are not capable of committing sin” Moro. 8:8.

If little children are not capable of committing sin, what do children need to repent of?  So if they don’t have anything to repent of, is baptism for little children necessary?

 Baptism for Little Children

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Truth without a Church | Book of Mormon and Bible

Although I left the Mormon church, I still believe in the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  I realize this sounds incongruent, but I write this blog to present why the Book of Mormon and Bible can be separated from church organizations who teach from these books, and why there can be truth without a church. 

Martin Luther believed in the Bible but recognized the Catholic church was not following the teachings of the Bible

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Become As A Little Child | Unlearn Adulthood

Matthew 18:2-5 makes it clear that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must become as a little child.

And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,  And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.  Matthew 18:2-5   

Skeptical and Unbelieving Adults

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All Mankind Can Receive the Holy Ghost

Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is not just for the religious or those who attend church.  All mankind can receive the Holy Ghost.  This true principle can be understood through the story of Cornelius in the Bible.

While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.

 And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost.

For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Acts 10:44-46

The Holy Ghost and The Gift of the Holy Ghost

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Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost – The Difference

Here and there I have wondered if there is a difference between the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost? I finally took the time to study out this recurring question concerning the holy spirit and holy ghost.

The Holy Spirit

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True Repentance – A Unique Positive View

Uncomfortable with Discussions about True Repentance

When I used to hear the words “true repentance”, I would automatically think of negative words like sin, dread, fear, scary, guilt, confession, etc. Although most of my life I have been religious, I used to feel uncomfortable when the subject of true repentance came up for discussion.  It seems counterproductive that someone who has read their scriptures and attended church for 56 years would feel uncomfortable about the subject of repentance.  I feel the scriptures were designed to help us feel the love of God, especially when struggling with life happenings.  My question is…why do so many of us have instilled fears and guilt surrounding religion, repentance, and God although we are striving to be good people? I suspect these uncomfortable feelings I have experienced surrounding religion could be the same reason many young people are turning away from religion. My inner-self tells me these negative feelings come from the adversary and other men, not from God.


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Be Kind | Love One Another

I like the way Ellen Degeneres closes each of her shows with the words, “Be kind to one another”.  My husband and I recently made a covenant with Christ to love one another so I have been thinking a lot about love and kindness.

Law of Karma

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Covenant with God | New Covenant Available to All

I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to covenant with God on September 3, 2017.  I was holding hands with my husband, and my dear friend Susie.  I had been anticipating this moment for six months, and there was no place I would have rather been.  I had a loved one on each side of me as we stood together to say, “Yes” to God.  To me saying “yes” means: I will keep my covenant with God and I will do His will.  I cannot express enough gratitude to God for his grace and mercy in my behalf.

If you too are interested in the Doctrine of Christ, you can learn more about His doctrine at this link:

Doctrine of Christ

A servant of God, Denver Snuffer, expressed we don’t need to join a religion to covenant with God.

Entering into the covenant offered by the Lord today does not mean there is a church or organization to be joined, it only means that you affirm that you will accept and abide the terms set by the Lord for being one of his people.  You can be one of his covenant people and also hold membership in any church of your choosing. However, the covenant imposes the responsibility to help others who also accept the covenant.  To regard them also as the Lords, to honor God, seek to recover Israel, teach children to honor God, care for the poor among God’s people and to help lighten the burdens of others.  None of those responsibilities involve establishing or joining an institution. The words of the covenant require us to have left behind the destructive and vile practices of the world.

Those Who Have Passed On

When God’s servant, Denver Snuffer whom God calls David, said the following words, I could feel the presence of my dad (who is my lead angel guardian), my grandparents, and others who have passed on.

Generations now dead, anxiously wait for us to be faithful. They have part in this through you.  If they have a righteous living descendant they are blessed vicariously through that relationship. We are all part of one family and your role in that family can bless the living and the dead.

Tears came to my eyes as I felt a warm sensation in my heart. I clearly understood, although my family who remains on earth do not understand the importance of this covenant with God, some of my loved ones who have passed on, do.  I immediately felt a great responsibility and a deep desire not to disappoint my dear ones who are depending on me to keep the covenant with God.

Book of Mormon Central to the Covenant

The Book of Mormon is central to the Covenant.

The words of the covenant require us to have left behind the destructive and vile practices of the world. It reads in part, all you who have whoredoms and of secret abominations idolatries, murders, priestcrafts and envying and strife and from all wickedness and abominations and have come unto me and been baptized in my name and received a remission of your sins and received the Holy Ghost are now numbered with my people who are of the house of Israel. Those enumerated vile and destructive things must end among us today. We are all equal. We all accept the Book of Mormon as a covenant for us to be numbered among the Lord’s covenant people. – Denver Snuffer

A servant of God, Denver Snuffer, expressed we don't need to join a religion to covenant with God. I don't remember this Baptist preacher's exact words, but he stated that the Book of Mormon is a most non-sectarian book and we are all in one, children of Christ.

I recommend this video,”The Book of Mormon: How Baptist can you get!” 

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Ask God not Men | Cautious Answering Religious Questions

Because of mistakes, I have made, I have learned it is wise to be cautious answering religious questions.  It is easy to place ourselves between God and the person who is asking for answers.  I have decided most of the time it is best to politely encourage people to ask God not men for answers.

It is not kind to impose unwanted knowledge upon loved ones

I have previously mentioned that I recently left the Mormon church.  I was a devoted member and diligently taught my children the principles embraced by the LDS (the abbreviated name for the Mormon church).  I have three children who left the church and three who remain very faithful members of the LDS church.  It is difficult for my children who remain faithful to understand why I left because I was a devout Mormon for over 50 years before I began to question the accuracy of Mormon history. Despite the difficulties we think we can overcome, it is best to let those we love, ask God not men.  God can always do more for our families than we ourselves can.

At first, I felt I needed to convince my children why I left the Mormon faith, but I learned quickly that it is not kind to impose unwanted knowledge upon loved ones who don’t desire to receive it.  To do so is a formula that causes contention.

Book of Mormon Scripture: Contention is not of me but is of the devil

For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one with another.

Behold, this is not my doctrine, to stir up the hearts of men with anger, one against another; but this is my doctrine, that such things should be done away. 3 Nephi 11:29-30

A couple of contentious experiences that hurt my relationship with my children taught me to be cautious about answering religious questions. God is no respecter of person, everyone can learn to ask God not men.

Ask God not men – Kindly directing my son to consider studying and to ask God 

My son asked me the following question:

How does priesthood work in your new faith? Is there a line back to Joseph Smith? If so, through whom? Or maybe you believe in a new line directly from Jesus? Is so, through whom?

Here was my answer:

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