Speaking to a Loved One’s Spirit – Living not Dead

When someone is mentally ill, communication barriers continually have to be dealt with. Through caring for my son who is dealing with Bipolar II disorder, I have learned “speaking to a loved one’s spirit” is helpful and can resolve problems that cannot be reasoned through with the physical brain.

Speaking to a loved one’s spirit

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Prayer to Heal Fractured Spirit | Reunite Fragmented Spirit

A prayer to heal a fractured spirit can be offered to reunite a fragmented spirit. To protect your spirit, God made it with the ability for fragments to break away when burdens of darkness become greater than the strength to endure.

When a fragment of your spirit departs from the core spirit for a “so-called” vacation from stress, abuse, trauma, etc., the portion of your spirit that fragments is seeking to escape heavy burdens of darkness with the hope of finding relief. Allowing your spirit to fragment is God’s way of perserving your life.

How can I tell if my loved one has a fractured spirit

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Heartfelt Prayer – Effective thru Focused Increased Emotion

This past week, I was again reminded that prayer is only effective if I am offering a heartfelt prayer. In other words, effective prayer is heartfelt prayer. This type of prayer requires focus with an increase in emotion.

What is a heartfelt prayer?

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Gift of Discernment – Do Not Be Deceived

My husband and I frequently give consideration to the need to receive the gift of discernment, one of the gifts of the spirit. In our opinion, receiving the gift of discernment is the only certain way NOT to ever be deceived.

Holy Ghost

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Gifts of the Spirit for Everyone Who Seek

My husband has the kindest heart.  When he sees someone suffering from handicaps or sickness, he wishes so much he could immediately heal them.  Then he silently prays he will be blessed with the gift of healing and the gift of discernment.  At times he wonders if he has the right to ask for these gifts because of all his inadequacies, but then he reminds himself the gifts of the spirit are for everyone.

Gifts of the spirit for everyone
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Christmas Eve Gesture – I Was Confused

I am a person who likes to have all my Christmas shopping done no later than a week before Christmas, preferably sooner. In fact, I am confident the number of times I have been to a store on Christmas Eve throughout my life could be counted on one hand. While shopping, I was the recipient of a Christmas Eve gesture you won’t want to miss reading about.

Going to the store on Christmas Eve

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Discarnates | Disembodied Spirits | Earthbound Spirits

Discarnates once lived upon the earth but for various reasons had difficulty transitioning to the spirit world when they died, thus becoming bound to the earth. One of my readers kindly commented that I hadn’t addressed the subject of discarnates also known as disembodied spirits or earthbound spirits.  I now desire to address this subject.  

Discarnates or earthbound spirits 

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Change the Hearts of Lawmakers – Leads to Good Policies

Ralph Drollinger’s statement that if you change the hearts of lawmakers, then their Christian worldview will guide them to make good policies.  This makes a lot of sense.  In fact, when the heart of any person is softened, the decisions they make will change for the better.

Change the hearts of lawmakers

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The Book of Mormon is for Everyone – Sharing Truth

I am no longer a Mormon (click if you desire to read why I left my lifetime religion of Mormonism) but I continue to believe in the scriptures of the Book of Mormon (BoM). I know this sounds incongruent but I explain how this is possible in a previous blog.  These scriptures have blessed my life and I believe they have the potential to bless anyone’s life who care to study this book’s pages.  The Book of Mormon is for everyone, not just Mormons if they desire to learn more about Christ.

Sharing truths with one another

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When We Lend Something We Pay Attention

When we lend something we pay attention to who we are lending it to especially items of value such as books or money.  All of us would prefer to lend to only those we trust.  Maybe this is the way God feels too, but because He loves each of so much, He allows us to borrow from Him although it is often likely we will make mistakes.  Because of the wisdom of God, He knows we learn and remember best from experience.

Scriptures to help us understand we borrow everything from God but our will

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