The Little Mermaid Production -Rebellion at Age 56

A bit ago, I attended a production of The Little Mermaid with my mom and three older sisters (the first time we had been together since I chose to follow a different path 2.5 years ago). I was surprised when I found myself easily relating to the rebellious conversations between Ariel and her father which was a new experience for me.

Became absorbed with Ariel’s passion for humans

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Fear of Entities – Nothing to Fear – They Actually Fear You

I was teaching a lady how to say a few different effective healing prayers, but they weren’t working. As I pondered about why the negative entities weren’t responding to her healing prayers, I realized her fear of entities was blocking the necessary flow of light to get rid of the negative entities plaguing her.

Light is Key!

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6 Prayers Removal Negative Entities – All Are Effective

I woke up to the sound of a shrieking and wailing cry. I know by now not to join my son in his room to give him comfort. Negative entities do not respond well to anyone trying to interfere with their missions to control and spread negativity. Through experience I now understand, it is much more effective and powerful to immediately and mightily pray to God to get rid of negative entities. This particular situation required offering 6 prayers for the removal of negative entities and their side effects.

Number 1 of 6 Prayers Removal Negative Entities

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Desperate! – 3 Simple Steps to Remove Negative Entities

I have had several people reach out to me feeling alone, misunderstood, and desperate fighting the battle to remove negative entities so I am writing a blog to share 3 simple steps to remove negative entities with urgency.

The majority of people lack knowledge

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Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments – Prayer Included

When speaking about soul fragmentation, this subject is generally addressed from the point of view that fragments of your spirit can separate from your core spirit usually because of trauma or some type of high stress. However, there is another important aspect of soul fragmentation that is overlooked that I would like to present.

Soul Fragmentation and Negative Spirit Fragments

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Opposition to Cemeteries – Cremation Preferred

While paying attention to funeral and death rituals, I also noticed there is opposition to cemeteries I wasn’t aware of. Until more recently, I never contemplated any kind of burial other than the traditional casket laid in a cemetery plot with a headstone.

Cremation projected to be preferred in the future

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Funeral Traditions – Uncomfortable Death Rituals

When my husband was thirteen years old, his younger 7-year-old brother died of leukemia. At the time of his little brother’s death, my husband discovered he did not feel comfortable with some of the funeral traditions surrounding death.

Sleeping – Awkward funeral traditions

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Born Good – Choose Negativity- Overlooked Influence

Eighty percent or more believe babies are born good. The majority also believe, if we choose, we can make bad choices, which are influenced by the environment and key people in our lives most of the time. I am a part of these majority groups, but I also think there is an overlooked influence that impacts all of us. I would like to address this hidden influence for your consideration.

Born Good – Positive to Negative

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If The World Is Getting Meaner – Mercy or Justice

I have overheard conversations that it seems as though the world is getting meaner. I have to agree with one possible exception, maybe it is America getting meaner rather than the whole world. If the world is getting meaner, what can be done to reverse “meanness to kindness”?

If the world is getting meaner

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