Deep Breathing Exercises – Cleansing / Healing

Since a top goal of mine is healing, I am continually studying about various healing methods.  While I know breathing deep is healing, I wasn’t making it a practice to do deep breathing exercises.  When I received an epiphany about breathing exercises, I realized it was important.  

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Musical Notes of the Heart | Not Notes of a Song

A friend introduced my husband and me to the concept of musical notes of the heart.   These notes are not notes of a song.   These notes reside in the musical organ called the human heart.   That is correct, a musically healthy heart has eight musical notes.  In other words, a full octave.  The human heart can also have as few as zero musical notes.

Musical notes of the heart

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Muscle Testing and Pendulums | Higher-Self Guidance

Our physical bodies have been designed to respond to true statements with muscle strength and to false statements with weakness.  Both muscle testing and pendulums are sources of communication to receive guidance from our higher-self or higher-consciousness.   I wrote a previous blog explaining details about the higher-self if you would like to learn more about this aspect of yourself.

Short clear statements for muscle testing and pendulums

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Microwave Radiation | Related to WiFi

There are concerns being reported that people are receiving low dose microwave radiation from wireless smart meters and cell phone towers that could be genetically damaging especially to children.

Reported effects of microwave radiation

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Bless Everything | Related I Love You

In the past few months, I have heard from a couple of different sources that “to bless everything” really makes a positive difference.  So a couple of months ago, I decided to try out “blessing things”.

Bless Everything

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Incarceration Profiteers | Money Motivation

I did not intend to write another blog related to mass incarceration but I kept receiving information about incarceration profiteers I felt I should pass along to others.  There are five large companies that promote incarceration to generate large profits of money.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it really had not occurred to me that the motivation to incarcerate offenders for longer periods of time is related to greed.  FYI, my studies mentioned some of these U.S. based companies are currently trying to win prison and jail contracts in other countries.

Incarceration Profiteers and Lobbying

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Is Food Necessary for Scripture Group

My husband and I are in a scripture group we enjoy participating in.  Sometimes as I attend these group meetings, I feel spiritually fed and on occasion, even to the point of a spiritual feast.  However, quite often I have left disappointed.  Too often we allow the distractions of the world to intercept and steal what could have been a possible spiritual feast.  This led me to ask myself the question, “Is food necessary for scripture group?”

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No Brain | Physical Body and Brain Changes

After exiting the physical body into the spirit realm, Reverend Benson and those in the spirit world discover the wonderful freedom afforded without the limitations of the physical brain.   To live with no brain to limit or hamper one’s being in the spirit world is a wonderful and beautiful experience.  Desired abilities are attained with ease when thoughts do not need to be processed through a brain.   

It must be understood that the mind of the incarnate is limited in its range of action by the physical brain.  In the spirit world, we have no physical brain to hamper us. Pg 127, Life in the World Unseen, Anthony Borgia

Impossible to live more than a short period of time with no brain

While existing with no brain is a freeing and exhilarating existence in the spirit world, we all know it is impossible to live more than a short period of time with no brain in a physical body while incarnate.  While it is possible to live with brain illnesses, there are descriptions describing the “hellish” difficulties living in a physical body with a brain disorder.

Patricia’s describes living with Schizophrenia

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Vote for Prosecutor at Local Elections | Important

It is really important to make sure you are registered so you can vote for prosecutor at local elections across the United States.  Why is it important to vote for the best candidate that is running for prosecutor?  This blog will tell you why!

Powerful Office of a Prosecutor – Vote for Prosecutor at Local Elections

There is a movement to educate the public about the elected and powerful office of a prosecutor who works under and with the local county district attorney (often referred to as county attorney or DA).

  1. The president of the United States, the legislature, the governor, the mayor, the police, or a judge cannot override the decisions of a prosecutor. Thus you can see, this is a very powerful office.
  2. A prosecutor can drop all charges against an offender or he can prosecute to the fullest without answering to anyone.
  3. The United States government was designed with a “checks and balance” system to prevent too much power being given to single individuals. Somehow this principle was overlooked when designing the role of a prosecutor.
  4. Ideally, the “pretty well boundless power” of a prosecutor should be revamped, but if the office of a prosecutor is revamped, the whole U.S. justice system would need to be changed which is not easy and unlikely to happen anytime soon.

What most people are unaware of

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Helping Rather than Condemning | Tough on Crime Failed

I know quite a few of my readers are not from the United States.  I have not studied other countries criminal justice systems but I do hope your countries are doing better than the United States.   The US has a financial and safety crisis because of the “Get Tough on Crime” campaign.  My studies support in order to achieve safer communities, the key is helping rather than condemning offenders.   Although when helping offenders, accountability must not be discounted.

Helping Rather than Condemning

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