4 Ways to Alleviate Fibromyalgia Pain- Bye to Body Aches

I have been pondering about pain throughout your body.  I also encourage you to talk to God about the pain throughout your body.  Tell him everything you feel and think concerning this pain.  Ask God to heal you, to enlighten your mind, and to guide you.  I attest he will help you.
Here are some things that came to my mind as I pondered about you:  
I have somewhat simplified 5 daily prayers at the following blog post link.  I suggest reviewing these prayers to see if you feel inclined to make adjustments or additions.  

Move as much as possible.  Walking at a non-stressful rate (about 3 mph) for 1 hour daily is optimum.  If you can’t walk every day, three times a week usually achieves improved mobility.  If you can afford it, Pilates is a great exercise to cure ailments and improve health.  Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, gardening, etc are great forms of movement too.  It is ideal to take10,000 steps per day.

Consider your sugar intake.  Too much sugar and/or carbs cause inflammation which causes body aches.  Green drinks NOT green smoothies are good to neutralize inflammation and toxins in the body.  Here is a link to a bit of information about green drinks:

I believe all disease is caused by storing fear-based emotions (generally subconsciously hidden from childhood events). When you store negative emotions on a cellular level, it becomes a spiritual ailment adversely affecting your spirit.   “Healing Codes” is really helpful in easily getting rid of buried negative emotions you often don’t even recognize are there.   Also, keeping stress low and doing things that make you feel happy helps to improve overall health.   

Green drinks provide the body with many health benefits. I can feel my body thanking me when drinking a non-fruity green drink.

Green Drinks Benefits- Versus Green Smoothies

I love to drink green drinks because they make me feel great and provide my body with many health benefits. I can often feel my body thanking me when I drink a green drink.

Drinking green drinks has a different effect than drinking green smoothies

It feels different drinking green drinks that consist of one ingredient, the juice of leafy greens, rather than added fruit and fiber included in “green smoothies” which are sweet, fun, and creative drinks.

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I decided to share Braden's presentation on my blog because he did such a great job explaining COVID19 without instilling fear. He presented facts with optimism, but yet, honestly.

COVID19- Knowledge Not Fear- Optimistic- Vitamin D

I accidentally found a video about COVID19 by Gregg Braden, a scientist for about 35 years. He explains COVID19 (Strain of Corona, Virus, Disease discovered in 2019) in easy-to-understand and organized terms. 

COVID19 – Optimistic View

Gregg Braden

I decided to share Braden’s presentation on my blog because he did such a great job explaining COVID19 without instilling fear. He presented information with optimism.

Are you searching to understand what is happening in the world? Would you like to learn knowledge about the coronavirus that will help you to understand what to expect in the future? If so, you will want to watch Braden’s video.

In his video, he explains:

  • what COVID19 virus is (it is not a flu virus)
  • what this virus does in and outside of the physical body
  • shares the current mortality rate (this continues to change)  – flu virus mortality rate is 0.1% compared to (as of 3/19/2020) COVID-19 is 3.4% (this number changes daily)
  • symptoms
  • what we can do to protect ourselves – He is not a medical professional so he doesn’t give any medical advice
  • what to expect

“Truth and Fiction Coronavirus” COVID19 Video by Gregg Braden

This video is a little longer than I usually watch, but given the negative atmosphere of our world, it is well worth your time especially if it helps give you peace of mind as it did me. I don’t think Braden could adequately cover things that needed to be addressed about COVID19 in a shorter video.

Vitamin D3 – Will it help fight COVID19

My daughter mentioned that her health care professional told her to take vitamin D3 because it fights viruses and infections. This perked my curiosity so I did a bit of research to learn more about this vitamin.

Vitamin D

Here are some interesting things I learned about vitamin D…

  • Sinus mucosa can activate and then use vitamin D.
  • Production of cathelicidin (only antimicrobial protein humans make that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi) is upregulated by vitamin D.
  • The preferred level of vitamin D is 40-60 nanograms per ml. Endocrinologists have learned this is the optimum level to keep the parathyroid functioning optimally.
  • Vitamin D deficiency is a global problem. 36% of the population of the United States is vitamin D deficient. Even in sunny areas like Florida, testing indicates a 39% deficiency. Northern countries like Mongolia have a high rate of vitamin D deficiency. In fact, 98% of the population in Mongolia is deficient.

Hydroxyvitamin D Total Test

If you are interested in finding out your level of vitamin D, ask your physician to give you the 25 hydroxyvitamin D TOTAL blood test. My level was alert low at 15 ng/ml.

The following have been associated with Vitamin D deficiency:
  • Periodontal disease
  • Ear infections
  • Nasal polyps
  • Respiratory infections
  • Sleep apnea
  • Large tonsil and adenoids
  • Head and neck cancer
Reliable studies report the following:

Newborns are 6 times more likely to get RSV when the vitamin D level is less than 20 ng/ml.

More die from influenza in the winter months when vitamin D levels are lower than summer months when people get more sunshine and have higher levels of vitamin D.

Those with higher levels of vitamin D get fewer incidences of influenza and upper respiratory infections.

Supplementation recommendation

Daily/weekly supplementation of Vitamin D3 is recommended for those with less than 20ng/ml. The daily recommendation of vitamin D3 varies somewhere between 800 IU/day and 4,000 IU/day depending on where you live.

I actually take 10,000 IU/day because my vitamin D levels are low, and at age 60, absorption is often sluggish. I like the NOW brand 10,0000 IU vitamin D3. NOW brand has been a reliable brand and has been around for years. I feel they deliver great products at very affordable prices.

There are limited food sources containing vitamin D…

  • Milk and other related products are fortified with vitamin D.
  • Cod liver oil and other fatty fish are also a good source of vitamin D.

The best source of vitamin D is sensible sun exposure. Studies indicate those who spend more time outside in the sun have adequate and higher levels of vitamin D.

Some of those at risk for vitamin D deficiency…

  • African Americans
  • Obese 30 or more BMI
  • Elderly
  • Those with cystic fibrosis
  • Those who live in northern latitudes

For your reference, the information shared about vitamin D was shared in this video by Dr. Ryan Rehl, M.D.

Conclusion – COVID19

After learning the above information about vitamin D, it is my opinion, it is wise to supplement vitamin D3 for those with levels lower than 20 ng/ml to increase the odds of fighting infections and viruses such as COVID19.


I also learned in order to assimilate Vit. D3 properly, you must consume adequate calcium. To ensure I am getting calcium in a form my body assimilates I drink green drinks.

I recommend reading Gregg Braden’s little book titled, “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer: The Hidden Power of Beauty, Blessing, Wisdom, and Hurt“. He teaches you how to bless things and others. I still apply his teachings from this little book although I read it a few years ago.

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Let's explore three different true-life experiences related to illness in an effort to further understand why people get sick.

Why People Get Sick – Unique Documentation

I was a bit taken back when, Julie, an associate stated that those with sick minds or spirits, referring to those with mental illnesses, are sick mainly because of poor choices. I didn’t immediately know how to respond to her belief, but the first chance I got, I wrote this blog post to present unique documentation on why people get sick.

Why people get sick

It is given that everyone experiences sickness. It is also a given that it is impossible to identify all the reasons why people get sick. However, it may be possible to determine poor choices that were made leading to illness. And on the other hand, it may also be possible to identify “no-fault” reasons associated with sickness.

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It is important to recognize fasting includes not only abstaining from all kinds of food and drink BUT abstaining from SOME kinds of food or drink and you can choose "SOME".

Fasting -A Helpful Fasting Guide -Negative Entity Removal

I told my husband I feel like a hypocrite talking about fasting. He suggested letting you know that fasting is challenging for me, so I created a helpful fasting guide to aid myself and others while fasting.

If fasting is difficult for you, too, you will find the creative “fasts” and tips in this blog post helpful.

-Guideline #1 -All or Some – You can choose “SOME” food or drink

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