Musical Notes of the Heart | Not Notes of a Song

A friend introduced my husband and me to the concept of musical notes of the heart.   These notes are not notes of a song.   These notes reside in the musical organ called the human heart.   That is correct, a musically healthy heart has eight musical notes.  In other words, a full octave.  The human heart can also have as few as zero musical notes.

Musical notes of the heart

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Fractured Spirit Story – True Personal Experience

Today, I woke up knowing now was the time to tell about an experience with the hope that sharing this story will help others who are struggling with similar difficulties.  Our son, Darrell, was not living at home but we could tell he was struggling and his ability to make decisions had dwindled.  We were concerned.  We were on the verge of learning first-hand what a fractured spirit was, and the problems it can cause.

Suicide attempts

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Signs Dark Entities | Includes Signs of Demons

All dark entities and demons are more common than you may think.  I get them and all those I love get them too.   In fact, the majority of people if not all people get them.  The lowest realm of the spirit world, where the most negative spirits reside, (sometimes referred to as the “spirit prison”) merges with the earth’s surface.  If you would like to know more about the “World of Spirits”,  I address this subject further in a previous blog.  So, what are some signs of dark entities and demons?

Signs of dark entities and demons

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Muscle Testing and Pendulums | Higher-Self Guidance

Our physical bodies have been designed to respond to true statements with muscle strength and to false statements with weakness.  Both muscle testing and pendulums are sources of communication to receive guidance from our higher-self or higher-consciousness.   I wrote a previous blog explaining details about the higher-self if you would like to learn more about this aspect of yourself.

Short clear statements for muscle testing and pendulums

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Olanzapine Weight Gain or Aripiprazole Bipolar Medicine

My son, Darrell, started taking the bipolar medicine, olanzapine, the generic of Zyprexa about three months ago.  Olanzapine does a wonderful job slowing down Darrell’s thoughts and reducing anxiety.  Additionally, his ability to connect with other people has improved.   On the other hand, have you heard of the “olanzapine weight gain”?

Olanzapine weight gain

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Reflecting back about my Grandpa – Substance Abuse

As our brains and thought processes develop the perspective we had as children change in adulthood.  Our perspective also changes throughout our adult lives because of life experiences that broaden our views.  Recently, I have been reflecting back about my grandpa with a new perspective.

Grandpa – automobile accident

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Mother to Mother | Pain of Psychosis Suicide

I received a special gift to visit, mother to mother, with another mother who understands caring for a child with a mental disorder.  I had a beautiful conversation about Amanda, the daughter of my friend, Jane.  I felt like Jane understood that I would understand what occurred in Amanda’s life because of my experiences caring for my son Darrell who is plagued with Bipolar II disorder.

Visiting Mother to Mother – Amanda’s story

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Psychosis Suicide | Letting Go of Suicide Stigma and Myths

I believe suicide is often a result of psychosis which is when a person loses contact with reality usually hearing voices and seeing things that others do not see or hear.   I call this type of suicide, “psychosis suicide”.

Dark entities in relation to psychosis

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Fight or Flight Response – Related to Mental Disorders

The lack of flow in a person’s life with a mental disorder robs them of peace and well-being.  When mental, emotional, or spiritual dams develop, an inborn instinctual survival mechanism called “fight or flight response” turns on with the assignment to protect a person from more damage.  I would like to explain how this response affects those with mental disorders.

Fight or flight response and mental disorders

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How to Praise a Grandchild | Promoting Self-Love

My two oldest grandchildren who are siblings were chosen as “Students of the Month” in September.  I pondered about how to praise a grandchild.  I don’t feel like the way I praised my children was as effective as I would have liked so I want to try a different method of praise.  I think one of the good points of being a grandparent is possessing a greater ability to approach a grandchild with more wisdom due to the recognition of past mistakes.

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