Fear of Entities – Nothing to Fear – They Actually Fear You

I was teaching a lady how to say a few different effective healing prayers, but they weren’t working. As I pondered about why the negative entities weren’t responding to her healing prayers, I realized her fear of entities was blocking the necessary flow of light to get rid of the negative entities plaguing her.

Light is Key!

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6 Prayers Removal Negative Entities – Effective Relief

I woke up to the sound of a shrieking and wailing cry. I know by now not to join my son in his room to give him comfort. Negative entities do not respond well to anyone trying to interfere with their missions to control and spread negativity. Through experience I now understand, it is much more effective and powerful to immediately and mightily pray to God to get rid of negative entities. This particular situation required offering 6 prayers for the removal of negative entities and their side effects.

Number 1 of 6 Prayers Removal Negative Entities

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Desperate! – 3 Simple Steps to Remove Negative Entities

I have had several people reach out to me feeling alone, misunderstood, and desperate fighting the battle to remove negative entities so I am writing a blog to share 3 simple steps to remove negative entities with urgency.

The majority of people lack knowledge

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Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments – Prayer Included

When speaking about soul fragmentation, this subject is generally addressed from the point of view that fragments of your spirit can separate from your core spirit usually because of trauma or some type of high stress. However, there is another important aspect of soul fragmentation that is overlooked that I would like to present.

Soul Fragmentation and Negative Spirit Fragments

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Alien Entity Removal -Very Difficult Negative Entities

An alien is a foreigner from a different existence than where we reside. My knowledge about aliens and alien entity removal has broadened so I am sharing what I have learned about aliens in this blog.

An alien and a foreigner

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Healing Prayer by Power of God the Father

The spirit taught me some healing prayers may need to be offered by the power of Heavenly Father for some individuals and in some situations. Listed are a few different methods that are helpful to find out if a healing prayer by the power of God the Father is needed.

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Prayer to Heal Fractured Spirit | Reunite Fragmented Spirit

A prayer to heal a fractured spirit can be offered to reunite a fractured aka a fragmented spirit. To protect your spirit, God made it with the ability for spirit fragments to break away when burdens of darkness become greater than the strength to endure.

When a fragment of your spirit departs from the core spirit for a “so-called” vacation from stress, abuse, trauma, etc., the portion of your spirit that fragments is seeking to escape burdens of darkness looking for relief. Allowing your spirit to fragment is one of God’s methods of preserving life.

How can I tell if my loved one has a fractured spirit

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Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayers – Powerful and Effective

I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. Three years ago I discovered saying daily spiritual warfare prayers can heal and make a positive difference.

Bipolar II Disorder

My son, Darrell, has dealt with darkness (depression) for quite some time, but we didn’t know how serious it was until three years ago when we discovered Darrell was dealing with Bipolar II Disorder.

Where does darkness come from

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Demon Removal – Personal Experience – Prayer Included

What is a demon?  There are different definitions but I define demons as creations of Satan with the ultimate goal to replace light with darkness through deception.  So what tools can be used for demon removal?

Demon removal tools

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Thank You Prayer | Thankful and Grateful

I went for a walk this morning.  It was beautiful and I felt thankful and grateful as I uttered a thank you prayer to God.  I talk to God the way I normally speak to a trusted friend.  My prayers are not flowery or poetic.  My focus when I pray is to be genuine, not poetic or flowery because that is not who I am.  If my prayer is heartfelt, I have expressed the thank you prayer I desired.

Thank you Prayer

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