Prayer Versus Energy Work- Healing Versus Helping

What do I think about prayer versus energy work? I will answer this question in this blog post and why I came to the conclusions I did.

Prayer Versus Energy Work – Energy Work Experience

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What Influences Your Thoughts – Two Things

What influences your thoughts? Thought influences can be simply categorized into two categories:

  • Love generated influences from God
  • Fear generated influences from the adversary

Spirit of Love – What influences your thoughts

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Dog Kennel For Cat – Indoor Cat Not Possible

If you would like a cat, but it is not possible or you don’t desire an indoor cat, you may want to consider using a dog kennel for a cat. A dog kennel has plenty of space while keeping your pet safe from predators and prowlers.

Gravity, an energetic and curious cat

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How to Prevent Negative Entities -New Age Movement Alert

I have been asked several times how to prevent negative entities. I want to answer everyone in one swoop by addressing this subject in this blog post.

Caution! Surprising Locations of Danger

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Where Does Darkness Come From -The Scary Darkness

We all experience being in the dark each time the sun goes down. But where does the type of darkness come from that is scary and makes you feel afraid?

Darkness existed before light

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The Little Mermaid Production -Rebellion at Age 56

This past year, I attended a production of The Little Mermaid with my mom and three older sisters (the first time we had been together since I chose to follow a different path than the rest of my family 2.5 years ago). I was surprised when I found myself easily relating to the rebellious conversations between Ariel and her father. This was a new experience for me.

Became absorbed with Ariel’s passion for humans

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Lavender Oil Exterminator- That Actually Works

I had an uneasy feeling, and the thought, “Don’t call an exterminator” came to my mind as I was striving to problem solve our unusual fly problem. I began researching various extermination options and I was intrigued to learn that lavender oil is a top-rated exterminator among naturalists. Okay, I decided to give my business to the “Lavender Oil Exterminator”.

Insecticides from Home Depot and Amazon were not working!

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Opposition to Cemeteries – Cremation Preferred

While paying attention to funeral and death rituals, I also noticed there is opposition to cemeteries I wasn’t aware of. Until more recently, I never contemplated any kind of burial other than the traditional casket laid in a cemetery plot with a headstone.

Cremation projected to be preferred in the future

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Funeral Traditions – Uncomfortable Death Rituals

When my husband was thirteen years old, his younger 7-year-old brother died of leukemia. At the time of his little brother’s death, my husband discovered he did not feel comfortable with some of the funeral traditions surrounding death.

Sleeping – Awkward funeral traditions

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Born Good – Choose Negativity- Overlooked Influence

Eighty percent or more believe babies are born good. The majority also believe, if we choose, we can make bad choices, which are influenced by the environment and key people in our lives most of the time. I am a part of these majority groups, but I also think there is an overlooked influence that impacts all of us. I would like to address this hidden influence for your consideration.

Born Good – Positive to Negative

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