Brain Wellness Theory | Healing Most Complex Organ

My brain wellness theory is simple especially considering we are talking about healing the most complex organ in the body.

I have spent quite a bit of time pondering about my studies of the brain.  As I am working, thoughts come to my mind concerning things I have learned about the brain that led to the formulation of my brain wellness theory presented in this blog post.

Change your brain, Change your body

I have examined Dr. Daniel Amen’s studies and research that if you want to change your body, then change your brain.  Dr. Amen points out that everything you do involves the brain.

  • If you are overweight, the problem is in the brain.
  • If your hormones are out of balance, the problem is in the brain.
  • If you have skin problems, the problem is in the brain.
  • If you have addictions, the problem is in the brain.  Studies have proven drugs and alcohol are bad for the brain but Dr. Amen also points out some brains get addicted to substances easier than others.

I could go on listing examples, but the pattern is apparent.

Energy worker spends over 90% of his time working in the brain

I have also considered one of my energy workers who spends over 90% of his time working on the brain.  He like Dr. Amen discovered if there is a problem in the body, the brain is involved.

Power of Mind over Matter

As my brain wellness theory formulated,  I heavily considered Dr. Joe Dispenza’s amazing story.  He healed six compressed and fractured vertebrates by recreating his spine in his mind (according to neuroscience the mind is the brain in action) while meditating.  Less than twelve weeks later he was healed.  Years later, he has also helped thousands of people achieve healing in their bodies through teaching mind over body (spirit over the matter of the physical body).

Dr. Amen’s method versus Dr. Dispenza’s method

Dr. Amen’s focus is on exercise and diet which I have incorporated for years, but his methods have not healed my brain.  Although diet and exercise is helpful in improving wellness, I don’t believe they are the cure-alls to prevent and conquer illness.

Presently, I am diligently striving to implement Dr. Dispenza’s methods with some adjustments.  Dr. Dispenza teaches how to work on oneself, but he does not address working on others.  My son who is dealing with severe depression is more important and urgent than my own healing at this time so I am applying Dr. Dispenza’s teachings creating a meditation for my son that I am currently doing every day for 40 minutes with the belief he will be healed of severe depressive disorder with some psychosis.

The brain is the CEO of the body | The Frontal Lobe is the CEO of the brain

Contemplating my brain research, I now consider the brain the CEO of the body.  If we go one step further since all the parts of the brain operate through the brain’s frontal lobe, I consider the frontal lobe the CEO of the brain.

My Brain Wellness Theory

Considering all the above points, my brain wellness theory is that if we ALL focused light energy through the frontal lobe of the brain with the intention to restore a healthy brain shape with healthy connections and activity, health will be restored throughout the brain and body.  According to Dr. Amen and Dr. Dispenza’s statistical research, if a healthy brain is achieved, health to all parts of the body will also be achieved.  I believe this to be true.

Brain wellness theory is simple

My brain wellness theory is simple especially considering we are talking about healing the most complex organ in the body.  Dr. Dispenza introduced the healing difference between negative and positive thoughts and emotions.  In my own words, if we have been or are currently surrounded by negativity, these thoughts and emotions of negativity make us more like static matter (unchangeable).  On the other hand, positive thoughts and emotions generate energy that has the flexibility to change.

Processing Negativity

Therefore, the goal is to process negativity as soon as possible so one can release all negativity moving forward to embrace the positive wisdom gained from life difficulties.   We cannot avoid negativity, but we can learn to process negativity more effectively by leaving the outer world to pay attention to the inner world of thoughts and feelings through meditation.

The Immaterial Self

The immaterial self (inner-self or spirit) is what changes each of us by connecting to a higher power or God while in a state of theta brainwaves (the meditative state between awakeness and sleep).

Brain Meditations for Self and Others

As I pondered further about the brain, I realized that everyone’s health, not just those with mental disorders, would greatly benefit from focusing on creating a healthy-shaped brain with properly functioning connections.

  • Addictions would be cured
  • Weight problems would be overcome
  • Hormone imbalance would disappear, etc.

The “Meditation for my Son” blog post was designed to use when meditating for others.  I also modified this meditation to do self-energy work (self-meditation) on the brain.  See links for further details.

Top Featured Photo by Ryan Yao

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