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I have concluded, the majority of us are uneducated about brain health.  I didn't have a clue how important thoughts were until our son began to have mental challenges.

Although new medicines and therapies have been discovered in the past 10 to 15 years that aid in stabilizing mental disorders, we still don’t begin to understand the brain, the most complex organ in the universe.  Trial and error are the main method of treatment for mental disorders, and in too many cases guesswork is the only choice.  I sincerely believe societies could save millions of dollars if there was an increased focus on brain health through research and by teaching known preventative mental health techniques.

The Human Brain

Dr. Daniel Amen points out there is nothing more complex than the human brain.

  • The brain has just under 100 billion nerve cells
  • Each brain nerve cell has up to 10,000 connections
  • There are more connections in the skull than there are stars in the universe.

Most likely because of the complexity of the brain, guesswork is often used in treating mental disorders until a medicine is found, through trial and error, that stabilizes the disorder.

A healthy body begins with a healthy brain

In 2011, I purchased and read Dr. Daniel Amen’s book Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.  He clearly presents if you want a healthy body, it begins with a healthy brain.  His main theme is how diet and exercise improve brain health.  He briefly mentions not to believe all thoughts that come into your head and that meditation can be helpful, but these points were not developed.  Although we know a lot about diet and exercise, mental illness is growing at an alarming rate.  Is this because we are ignoring the health guidelines to eat properly and exercise?  Our son was a certified trainer who never drank soda or rarely ate sugary treats and ate a balanced daily diet but still became plagued with a debilitating mental disorder.  While eating wisely and exercising make a positive difference, I don’t believe it is the cure for mental disorders or some other types of illness.

Brain Health

Since the brain, the most complex organ in the universe, processes the base energy of thoughts, it would seem wise to spend more time focusing on brain health.  We are communicating human beings that have allowed the organ that enables communication to be overlooked because of the lack of knowledge about this incredible organ.

Brain Health through meditation

I have concluded, the majority of us are uneducated about brain health that is achieved through meditation.  I didn’t have a clue how important coherent (clear and unscrambled) thoughts were until our son began to have mental challenges.  Although meditation is an ancient practice, in the rural farming culture I lived in, meditation was unheard of to improve coherence and brain health.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is proving that focused creation while meditating can heal whatever is focused on.  Dr. Dispenza began his work by healing six compressed and fractured vertebrae in his own back.  I am currently applying the principles Dr. Dispenza teaches because I believe his testimony and others who have followed Dr. Dispenza methods.

While writing blogs about meditation and pondering about my study of the brain, a brain wellness theory formulated in my mind.  You may click on the link if you would like to know more about my brain wellness theory.

Photo by Erik Andres Reynoso

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