Alien Entity Removal -Very Difficult Negative Entities Removal

If you had aliens with a body, it is likely you have alien and Satanic entities without a body too. Here is a prayer for alien entity removal and Satanic entities without bodies.

An alien is a foreigner from a different existence than where we reside. My knowledge about aliens and their removal has broadened, so I am sharing what I have learned in this blog post.

An alien entity and a foreigner

If a human travels to a different country, they are considered and called a foreigner. When entities travel outside their jurisdiction, they are considered and called an alien. To summarize…

-When referring to people outside their jurisdiction, they are generally called foreigners.

-When referring to other types of living beings outside their jurisdiction, they are generally called aliens.

Alien Entity and Danger

In my opinion, aliens are full of negativity and can be dangerous.

Negativity of Aliens

Aliens and their negativity work together to accomplish evil goals. The following dark negative attributes are the reason why I think aliens can be dangerous.

Never tell the truth
Never kind
Attach to or are around the body
Devour energy
Alter thought processes Cause loss of focus
Make learning difficultContinual negativity
Bring up painful memoriesAlter perception of the world
Mentally tear you down 
Distort and pervert the mind
Look at everyone like they are dirtyUse disgusting language
ShapeshiftChange into different outfits
Work in groups promoting negativityBoth female and male
Increase or Decrease in AppetiteUncontrollable urges
Claim they are God or ChristRuin lives

God the Father

If aliens belong to different creations, they are under the jurisdiction of the Father, who presides over many creations besides the earth where we reside.  Therefore when dealing with aliens, commanding in the name of Heavenly Father to go to the light of Christ (or whatever title you refer to as the creator of the earth) is necessary for their removal.

Some aliens have bodies

Aliens that attach to people can be alive with a body. Aliens have no business connecting to anyone or anything in our earthly existence. They belong in their existence, just as we belong in ours. So, if you have intense symptoms of negativity, it is vital to take action promptly.

Alien Entity Removal Prayer with a Body

Before offering this removal prayer for aliens with a body, it is essential to shield yourself by saying the following short shielding prayer. If you are working on someone else (proxy), shield them. This prayer doesn’t need to be offered in the name of God the Father.

By the Power of Jesus Christ (or whatever title you refer to as the creator of the earth existence), I shield ____________________(the name of the person you are working on) with a perfect shield of protection magnified 200 times or more. Thank you.

Sit down. If you are working proxy on someone, ask them to sit down.

If desired, bring an arm to the square. 

Then say the alien entity removal prayer with heartfelt emotion and confidence.
Photo by Ben White

Then say the prayer with heartfelt emotion and confidence.

All aliens with a body attached to or around _________________(the name of the person), I command by the power of Father in Heaven and by the light of Christ (or the title you refer to as the creator of the earthly existence): Be destroyed.

If you had aliens with a body, you most likely have other negative entities without bodies.  Therefore say a prayer for those without bodies next.

Alien Entity Removal Prayer without bodies

By the power of Father in Heaven, I command all types of negative entities and aliens in and around or pointed at ___________ (name of the person, place or/and thing) to go to the light of Christ (or the title you refer to as the creator of the earthly existence) never to return to the aforementioned people, places and things. Thank you.

Aliens enter people, places, and things through portals

Aliens enter people, places, and things through portals they build. A portal is a doorway, a gate, or some type of entrance to allow someone or something to move from one place to another freely. It is crucial to get rid of the portals they build to prevent aliens from entering people, places, and things they do not belong in or around.

After the above three prayers have been offered (1-the shielding prayer, 2-the prayer with bodies, and 3-the prayer without bodies), then offer the prayer to close dark portals. The reason for this is so the aliens have a way to depart. If the portals are closed first, they will not have a way to leave until they can rebuild another portal.

If you happen to forget to say the aforementioned prayers in the recommended order, don’t stress too much because I have learned negative spirits can rebuild portals within a couple of hours of earth time, sometimes less. Thus, all the prayers need to be repeated often.

I have learned through experience, if a person has aliens, they most likely have other types of negative spirits. Therefore, I include both when offering healing prayers for individuals with aliens.

Prayer to close dark portals

Here is an example prayer to close all types of dark portals to help stop negativity.

By the Power of Father in Heaven, I command all alien and all types of dark portals in and around ____________ (the name of the person, place, and thing) to be filled by Christ’s light (or the title you refer to as the creator of the existence where we reside) forever dismantling, closing, and sealing these portals. Thank you.

Follow this prayer by shielding again using a protection prayer. If you want more details about spiritual shielding through prayer, see my blog titled, “Spiritual Shield Protection Prayer”

Repeat prayers on a daily basis

Because aliens work in groups, more will come after you get rid of them, especially if you are a sought-after target. Therefore, I strongly recommend saying the four prayers I shared in this blog with heartfelt emotion (see my blog about heartfelt prayer) at least two times a day to protect yourself so you can move forward in healing. 

Prayer to Heal a Fractured Spirit

Most people who deal with aliens are under so much stress, their spirits fracture. You cannot heal properly until your spirit has been reunited through the power of prayer. To heal a fractured spirit, see the link to my blog post titled, “Prayer to Heal a Fractured Spirit”.

This prayer is important because you cannot heal with a fractured/fragmented spirit. 


I and others I have worked with can testify alien entity forces are active and real. However, the prayers I shared in this blog can STOP aliens and enable healing to occur. 


To learn more about other negativity entity removal methods, see my blog, pray to remove dark entities.

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  1. Im dealing with an alien portal in my bathroom. The alien completely changed my physical body. I used to be a very fit male but now I’m overweight. It jumped on me through my bathroom mirror. Someone please help me as I am struggling to get me as well as my family back!

    1. I am sorry for your anguish and pain. I ask everyone to pray for those struggling with negative entities.
      In addition to the recommendations in this blog, you may want to consider fasting as recommended in this scripture. Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.
      Matthew 17:21

  2. I am currently under spiritual attack. This has been going on for almost a year where I could hear spirits and they can read my emotions and thoughts. At first they were “heavenly father” then passed relatives and most recently demonic. They drive me crazy all day and in my dreams. I’ve never been a suicidal person but I am at a point where this is becoming too much. And I really want my life back. I’m trying to stay strong but I’m needed help. If you can send me protection until I am able to get them off of me, I would be forever grateful.

  3. Yes I am experiencing exactly what you’re doing dealing with. I’m in the dead relatives phase of their lies. It’s brutal non stop chatter

  4. I am needing some help with Getting the darkness off of me I know Christ has a plan I just am in pain always and this entity is blocking me in so many ways . Will you help me? I am on SSI and have been dealing with diabetes for over 20 years and now this . This entity will try to deceive you and say I’m fearful or something but I’m a light and haven’t been able to focus on anything but this for some years now . My Son has ODD and ADHD 😔We didn’t need this .

    1. Hello Missy, I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. I tried to email you twice, but I got notice that your inbox is too full. You may want to check your inbox folder. Please email me directly at he*******@gm***.com I prefer to correspond directly with you. Thank you.

  5. I have been through quite the journey and I know of this and the simplest course of action , is love , invite love wisdom, loves purity and loves protection .
    Filled yourself with infinite source of all creations love at every moment call out to loves purity, protection.
    Always . Bring yourself back to love , write it everywhere on your body if you have to . And cleanse. Internal cleansing. Having gratitude . Cleanse your home . White sage. Sage can be ingested. . Elated to find this space.
    I asked today for the infinite source of to show me the truth , I commanded the truth. I have stated I choose love and I serve no one . Only infinite source of all creations holy mother father source of all creations . Holy Spirit can be called to shield and show you the way.

    I thank you I thank you I thank you. And to all of you I ask the infinite source of all creations loves purity and protection to help you and show you the way.

    It is helpful to refrain from viewing and engaging in anything negative. People place and things. Cleansing your home removing excess. Stuff. I find these very helpful. In love purity and unity for the greatest good

    1. Thank you for sharing. I agree love aka light is the cure for all negativity. If our hearts are involved, prayer and meditation are modalities to help create more love.

  6. I have been singled out by a group of Paranormal alien entity’s that has somehow put a alien entity in my body, where my spirit is supposed to be, They have been altering my thoughts as to keep quiet and not to tell family and freinds. This Paranormal entity I think maybe the one I had an encounter with 10yrs ago when it attached 2 entity spirits and they all pretended to be the holy spirit of GOD, NOT ONLY, THAT, this one that has done all of this , and I now believe its not only me they have targeted, buy maybe my children, siblings, their children, and family friends, they are weird , these lying entities are parading around as light and making us eat more food high fat, getting my children to bring up painful memories, call me rascist names, and familyand use disgusting language, and are making it look my family speak like this, they have been walking me up and down to familys houses, churches, any one, these spirits seem to know everyone, every time I go out, they know all the people in my hometown which are afro caribean, whom many of them, I either haven’t seen for 30yrs, they seem to know my ex partner and his family and friends well. Also making us feel like our selves at people’s homes, I read your the comments and no one else seems to be going through the same thing, i am not in my self and as I’m the only one who they are talking , I don’t know if they have for sure but may have wanted to know if any one they have fractured there spirit and does it mean take off parts of, I have had my scalp ripped, and my brain squashed, my heart tampered and is in my body tampering with my sciences, my stomache tampered with my eyes tampered with and the paranormal has put an the entity on my throat and it talks for me, it’s possessed me, I need help , and haven’t found any one who can help get what they are calling a strong man entity out OF ME AND WHO EVER HAS THEM ?

    1. Thank you for reaching out to share a bit about the challenges you are dealing with. I usually converse by email but I decided it would benefit more people if I post my reply publicly.

      Through the power of God, I have been blessed to get rid of aliens and various types of negative entities along with their curses, devices, and implants. I have discovered it is less confusing to refer to all types of dark spirits as one big group called negative entities.

      Although I can get rid of negative entities, I have learned these nasty beings are smart and understand working in groups increases their desired results to afflict and destroy the light within a chosen target. Because they work in groups, it is possible for them to be on duty 24/7; so when getting rid of negative entities, it doesn’t take long for more to follow. Negative entities’ agenda to afflict a chosen target with a well-thought-out plan is a goal they are always tenacious about. In other words, they do not give up easily!

      Since you and I are not organized together in a team to defend ourselves from negative entities, we must depend on God and his angels’ power to defend us at any time and any place. When I discovered I could not depend on another human being for protection 24/7, I gradually realized I had the potential to defend myself by learning how to use word phrases to tap into God’s power. YOU also have the same potential. I am no one special. Everyone has this same ability. Knowledge along with faith equals POWER!! This is why I began a blog and a YouTube channel to help others struggling with darkness by sharing what I have learned over the past several years dealing with negative entities that generate darkness to attack light.

      Negative entity difficulties motivated me to develop a system to gain the upper hand over these shrewd beings. You are accustomed to reaching out to medical and health alternative professionals to heal you. Through first-hand experience, I have learned depending on someone else to heal you from negative entities is not a good method to maintain healing. Although I can get rid of them, I do not have unhuman like energy to continually protect others from more negative entities that follow, so I am teaching others through digital media the skills to defend and protect loved ones.

      After defending myself and others from various types of negative entities for years, I have learned how to use words in prayer, pondering, or meditation that generates enough POWER to get rid of them. I tried using healing rocks, cedar chips, sage smudge sticks, special oils, worked with several energy workers, did Shaman work, built healing pyramids, and used light therapy. While some of these methods were helpful, none of them were able to maintain healing.

      The good news is, when trained properly, you have power over them by studying about negative entities and the power of prayer. It is essential to learn not only how to get rid of negative entities but how to defend and protect those you love. I teach how to attain these skills on my blog and YouTube channel.

      I recommend starting by learning about 5 short prayers that work together harmoniously, each prayer having a specific purpose. Following is a link to these 5 prayers with directions to remove all types of negative entities. Please note, If you have aliens, you will need to offer all prayers in the name of God the Father to go to Jesus Christ’s light with the exception of the shielding prayer. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at he*******@gm***.com

      I have a two-week prayer list if you would like me to add your first name to that list, let me know. God knows who you are so there is no need for last names. I will pray for you every day. The exclusive act of just praying for one another produces positive results which is why I have a prayer list.

      With Hope of Healing,
      Mother L

    2. Omg I am going through the same. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. I don’t know where it came from??? Help. I don’t want to commit suicide! It’s just not an option!

      1. I added you to my two-week prayer list. When praying, pay close attention to the prayer to heal a fractured spirit. Keep in mind if a spirit is fractured, healing prayers will not work. Knowledge is power so study everything on my blog about fractured spirits. If you want to stay on my prayer list longer, contact me in two weeks.

  7. Thank you so much for your blog. I am currently fighting against what I perceive to be a variety of negative and alien entities/spirits, one of which even posed as the Holy Spirit to me for some time before I realized it was not.

    Can you please add me to your prayer list? I am offering the five prayers you’ve recommended daily and have been for three days now. I’ve already seen significant improvement. Most recently, they’ve been saying that I’ve blasphemed the Holy Spirit and cant be saved. However, I feel that if that were the case, they would not be trying so hard to keep me captive!!

    Thank you again for spreading love and light. Your blog has been so helpful—I’ve read dozens of your articles at this point. I will continue to use your prayers, be positive in my thinking, and read the Word.

    1. I am pleased to hear my blog along with the prayers is helping you! Good job saying the five prayers each day! I am happy to add you to my prayer list. If you would like to stay on it for longer, simply notify me every two weeks.

  8. Up until this moment their are others that don’t believe any form of Alien interference experimentation and abduction which has lead these people to deal with this on their own. Support and community for protection is crucial .There is so much evidence and a personal level I have dealt with more than I can say. Happy to find your prayers, I hav said so many and I continue to stay rooted in love. I will pass these on to those who have and are dealing with Alien interference .
    Discerning all and mastering the self with the Help of God. Thank you with God love always

  9. It is important to sit down and converse with the one true infinite light source (the one true living God) and go through your life and do a repentance. A true repentance will take a good length of time with emotion and heartfelt tears. I talk with experience. It is the act of heartful repentance that will remove their (entities) authority. There are good deliverance prayers that you can use after the repentance. Then COMMAND with all the authority given to you to demand them to leave. Get rid of all fear. Use righteous anger. Tell them you are a child of the infinite light source from the pre-existant one and that they have no authority over you or your free will. Anytime they try to come in (including alien) you continue to say the same thing and demand them to leave. After you start believing you have authority they will leave. Do not give your power away for others to do the work for you as the dark will see you as weak. You must show them your spirit is all powerful. Jesus said, what I can do, you too will do (paraphrasing). Now be powerful and crush the dickens out of them. YOU CAN AND WILL SUCCEED. IF I CAN YOU CAN. THEN THINK OF ALL THE IMPORTANT THINGS YOU LOVE… PEOPLE, NATURE, ANIMALS AND FILL YOUR HEART WITH THAT LOVE. DO this everyday. Again fear is the door that gives them authority to enter.

  10. My fiance and I are both under attack. My fiance can see and hear these entities and they zre trying to split us apart. Please add us to your 2 week prayer list. We can relate to everyone who has posted on here. Asking for everyone to pray for us, Candi & Alex

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