5 Short Daily Prayers- Be Smarter Than Negative Entities

Each prayer has a specific purpose and all 5 short daily prayers work together as a team against negative entity attachments.

In this blog post, I am introducing 5 short daily prayers to say in the order presented. Each prayer has a specific purpose and all 5 daily prayers work together as a team against negative entities.

First Three Prayers of 5 Short Daily Prayers

I introduce the first three prayers as a group for clarification purposes.

  • 1st Prayer- An entity removal prayer
  • 2nd Prayer- A closing dark portals prayer
  • 3rd Prayer- A shielding with light prayer

I recommend saying this group of prayers in sequential order three times a day when you are being bothered by negative entities. I encourage you to try to change up the prayers a bit so they feel more like your own while being careful not to change the meaning of what is being requested.  However, if you choose to use the example prayers word for word using elevated emotion, this will also achieve effective results until you gain more confidence to offer your own prayers. All directions are included at the provided link. 

Simple Steps to Remove Negative Entities Prayers 

Fourth Prayer of 5 Short Daily Prayers

When under stress, it is common for the spirit to fracture.  It isn’t unusual when dealing with negative entity attachments for your spirit to fracture because they cause a tremendous amount of stress. However, there is some good news! If you offer the heartfelt prayer at the following link, your spirit can quickly be healed.  Again, all directions are included at this link.

  • 4th PrayerThe prayer to heal a fractured spirit is really important because none of the healing prayers will work if your spirit is fractured. 

Prayer to Heal a Fractured Spirit

Fyi, the spirit can refracture so I recommend offering this heartfelt prayer at least once a day while battling negative entities. 

Fifth Prayer

After the negative entities have been removed, dark portals have been closed, a protective shield of light is in place, and your spirit has been reunited, there is still a need to remove all “left behind” negative residue such as curses and various dark devices explained at the link below.

  • 5th Prayer– By offering the “Breaking Curses” Prayer, all spiritual negative weapons and tools can be removed.

Breaking Curses Prayer

I also recommend saying the “breaking curses” prayer once per day while battling negative entities.

Be Smarter than Negative Entities to Win

The following blog posts are also very helpful when battling dark negative entities. I encourage you to remember that knowledge is power. You have to be smarter than negative entities if you expect to stop them as stated in the following:

…If he (a man/woman) does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other word, as evil spirits will have more knowledge, and consequently more power.

(TPJS, p. 21

As I have worked with people struggling with negative entities, I have learned there are common areas of weakness to prevent success. I wrote a blog post to address each problem that may limit you from achieving your goal to get rid of negative entity attachments.

I wrote the first blog post as a strong reminder that YOU have the ability to face and conquer the challenge to remove negative entity attachments without another person between you and God (the only one who can heal you).

You Have the Ability

You will want to read two more enlightening blog posts if you are wondering why negative entities have chosen you as a TARGET.

Darkness Attacks Light

Role of Dark Beings – A Plan to Progress

I also strongly encourage you to educate yourself about the difference between prayer and energy work. They are both good, but it is beneficial to understand the difference between the two when seeking healing. Below is a link to my blog post addressing this subject.

Prayer versus Energy Work


I have offered the 5 short daily prayers thousands of times so I know through first-hand experience they work together as a team to get rid of negative entities.

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