Change the Hearts of Lawmakers – Leads to Good Policies

Ralph Drollinger’s statement that if you change the hearts of lawmakers, then their Christian worldview will guide them to make good policies.  This makes a lot of sense.  In fact, when the heart of any person is softened, the decisions they make will change for the better.

Change the hearts of lawmakers

For the first time in over 100  years, about twelve members of the United States cabinet are gathering together once a week for Bible study.  The instructor, Ralph Drollinger, gives President Trump a copy of his weekly Bible lessons.

Drollinger joyfully commented about the U.S. cabinet class he is teaching:

 “It is the best Bible class I have ever taught in my life.”

“Even Vice- President Mike Pence attends when he is in town.”

Ralph Drollinger – Change the hearts of lawmakers

Ralph Drollinger also teaches weekly studies in the US House and Senate in an effort to change the hearts of lawmakers.

Drollinger impresses me.  He started Capitol Ministries in 1996 which led to 40 United States capitols engaging in weekly Bible studies.  He also teaches weekly studies in the US House and Senate in an effort to change the hearts of lawmakers.

Great people to lead our nation

The great people chosen to lead America by serving in the U.S. cabinet were hand-picked by Donald Trump and Vice-president Mike Pence.  In fact, some say it is the most evangelical cabinet in history.  Awesome work, Trump and Pence!  This is the most hopeful and exciting political news I have heard in a very long time.

Added Wisdom

I know through first-hand experience by studying the scriptures, I am wiser and more clear-headed when making decisions, especially difficult ones.  This gives me personal confidence that adding a tone of spiritually through studying God’s word will bring added wisdom to the minds of lawmakers who are studying the Bible regularly.

Understanding who Jesus Christ is

Dr. Mathis of Michigan has a goal to go one step further than just studying the Bible.  He desires to help legislators understand who Jesus Christ is:

“In Michigan, in addition to his Bible studies, Dr. Mathis has the passion and interest in seeing legislators come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is and why He needs to be a priority.” Reports Michigan Rep.

A Return to the Focus of Prayer Too

Along with the added weekly Bible study in Washington, there is a heightened focus to pray also.  If you type in Trump and prayer, lots of videos pop up.  Trump is asking numerous people to pray for him and is surrounding himself with moral, prayerful people.


I fully believe, studying the scriptures to change the hearts of lawmakers will continue to and is making a positive difference.

Link to Bible Study in Washington Video

This video about lawmakers studying the Bible inspired me and increased my hope that some of our leaders are including God in their lives! Feeling Grateful!

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Deep Breathing Exercises – Cleansing / Healing

Since a top goal of mine is healing, I am continually studying about various healing methods.  While I know breathing deep is healing, I wasn’t making it a practice to do deep breathing exercises.  When I received an epiphany about breathing exercises, I realized it was important.  

I would describe the epiphanies I have as flash visions.  They are very quick and interestingly, they always come during the day.
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 I believe when I have an epiphany, it is from God.  I would describe the epiphanies I have had as flash visions.  They are very quick and interestingly, they always come during the day.   Although they are quick and unexpected, I remember them better than a dream.

 Cleansing and healing

A few months ago, I had an epiphany about breathing in and out.  I saw a large arrow pointing outward from my mouth.  I immediately knew I was receiving a message to do breathing exercises.  I then had the thought that the regular practice of doing deep breathing exercises was an important part of the cleansing and healing process.  I clearly understood breathing deep was more important than I realized.   I immediately started making deep breathing exercises a priority each day.   

Deep breathing exercises from the core

 The deepest type of breathing I have been introduced to is working through the core abs of the body.  I will describe how I do deep breathing exercises through the abs in 5 steps.  These can be done while standing (preferred) or laying down.  

  1. Breathe in deeply through the nose filling your abdomen with air.
  2. Breathe so deep that the new air you breathed in, goes both “up and down” from the core area.  Hold your breath as long as you can.
  3. The air going “up” will be felt from the waist up through the spine and out the top of the head.  I often feel small adjustments (movements) happening in my upper spine.  It feels like things are moving where they are supposed to be and it feels wonderful.
  4. The air going “down” goes through the legs and raises the feet and legs upward, not upward toward the ceiling, but upward toward the hips and abs like you are stretching taller.
  5. Then slowly breathe out releasing air through your mouth visualizing darkness leaving your body.
  6. Repeat at least two times or more.  
Tuning into your core abs

Sometimes it takes some time and practice to catch onto the brain connection to push the air up and down the body from the core abs.  Pilates, an exercise that focuses on the abs, is a great exercise to help those struggling to connect to their core ab muscles.  If you are looking for a knowledgeable movement expert, I highly recommend Marci, who is a talented Pilates/ yoga teacher and creator of the online learning course, “33 Exercises for Your Spinal Health.” Using your spine as she teaches can help you breathe better also.

Prior to meditation of the day

Another appropriate and good time to do deep breathing exercises presented in this blog is just prior to your meditation of the day.

Conclusion – More space has been created

I have only been doing focused deep breathing exercises for a few months but I have already noticed a difference.  It feels like I am creating more space in my body and I feel more energetic.  I definitely recommend doing the breathing technique I shared in this blog.  It only takes a few minutes to receive the benefits of doing this healing and cleansing technique three times each day (recommended minimum).  Good Luck!

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The Book of Mormon is for Everyone – Sharing Truth

I am no longer a Mormon (click if you desire to read why I left my lifetime religion of Mormonism) but I continue to believe in the scriptures of the Book of Mormon (BoM). I know this sounds incongruent but I explain how this is possible in a previous blog.  These scriptures have blessed my life and I believe they have the potential to bless anyone’s life who care to study this book’s pages.  The Book of Mormon is for everyone, not just Mormons if they desire to learn more about Christ.

Sharing truths with one another

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When We Lend Something We Pay Attention

When we lend something we pay attention to who we are lending it to especially items of value such as books or money.  All of us would prefer to lend to only those we trust.  Maybe this is the way God feels too, but because He loves each of so much, He allows us to borrow from Him although it is often likely we will make mistakes.  Because of the wisdom of God, He knows we learn and remember best from experience.

Scriptures to help us understand we borrow everything from God but our will

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Caffeine mixed with Prozac | Harmless or Risky

Although the label of my son’s depression medication, fluoxetine, the off brand of Prozac, does not warn caffeine mixed with Prozac can have adverse side-effects, we learned first-hand that sometimes caffeine does not mix well with Prozac /fluoxetine.

Diet Coke “pick-me-up”

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Alcohol Mixed with Prozac | Harmless or Risky

The bright red label on my son’s depression medication, fluoxetine, the generic of Prozac, warns in bold lettering: DO NOT Drink Alcoholic Beverages while taking this medicine.  We learned through first-hand experience why this bold red label is added to the medicine bottle, and that alcohol mixed with Prozac is not a good idea!

Ability to make wise choices impaired

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Soul Healing | Fractured Spirit Space

I feel the need to share another personal soul healing experience.  Reading this story may be helpful to those seeking skills to perform a soul healing.

Something was very wrong

My son, Darrell, didn’t want to go to an appointment my husband and I felt was important to attend so we strongly encouraged him to go.  I could tell something was seriously wrong as Darrell and I climbed into the car to drive to Darrell’s appointment.  He was extremely agitated and very edgy.  I could sense I shouldn’t talk to him.  In fact, I decided to ride in the back seat so I could secretly text our energy worker the adverse symptoms Darrell was experiencing.

Used a blanket to stay out of sight

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Cannabis and psychosis – Harmless or Risky

Is there a relationship between Cannabis and psychosis?  After thoroughly researching Cannabis, my son, Darrell, decided it was safe to use.  My recent studies also indicate the majority of people are not adversely affected by Cannabis.  However, there is a population sector whose brains respond to Cannabis with psychotic episodes.

Cannabis and psychosis – Risks

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Musical Notes of the Heart | Not Notes of a Song

A friend introduced my husband and me to the concept of musical notes of the heart.   These notes are not notes of a song.   These notes reside in a musical organ called the human heart.   That is correct, a musically healthy heart has eight musical notes.  In other words, a full octave.  The human heart can also have as few as zero musical notes.

Musical notes of the heart

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Fractured Spirit – Personal Soul Healing Story

Today, I woke up knowing now was the time to tell about an experience with the hope that sharing this story will help others who are struggling with similar difficulties.  Our son, Darrell, was not living at home but we could tell he was struggling and his ability to make decisions had dwindled.  We were concerned.  We were on the verge of learning first-hand what a fractured spirit was, and the problems it can cause.

Suicide attempts

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