4 Ways to Alleviate Fibromyalgia Pain- Bye to Body Aches

I have been pondering about pain throughout your body.  I also encourage you to talk to God about the pain throughout your body.  Tell him everything you feel and think concerning this pain.  Ask God to heal you, to enlighten your mind, and to guide you.  I attest he will help you.
Here are some things that came to my mind as I pondered about you:  
I have somewhat simplified 5 daily prayers at the following blog post link.  I suggest reviewing these prayers to see if you feel inclined to make adjustments or additions.  

Move as much as possible.  Walking at a non-stressful rate (about 3 mph) for 1 hour daily is optimum.  If you can’t walk every day, three times a week usually achieves improved mobility.  If you can afford it, Pilates is a great exercise to cure ailments and improve health.  Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, gardening, etc are great forms of movement too.  It is ideal to take10,000 steps per day.

Consider your sugar intake.  Too much sugar and/or carbs cause inflammation which causes body aches.  Green drinks NOT green smoothies are good to neutralize inflammation and toxins in the body.  Here is a link to a bit of information about green drinks:

I believe all disease is caused by storing fear-based emotions (generally subconsciously hidden from childhood events). When you store negative emotions on a cellular level, it becomes a spiritual ailment adversely affecting your spirit.   “Healing Codes” is really helpful in easily getting rid of buried negative emotions you often don’t even recognize are there.   Also, keeping stress low and doing things that make you feel happy helps to improve overall health.   

Each prayer has a specific purpose and all 5 short daily prayers work together as a team against negative entity attachments.

5 Short Daily Prayers- Short Spiritual Protection Prayer

In this blog post, I am introducing 5 short daily prayers to say in the order presented. Each has a specific purpose, and all 5 work together as a team against negative entities.

First Three Spiritual Protective Measures

I introduce the first three protection prayers as a group for clarification purposes. I recommend offering these in sequential order 3 times a day when being afflicted by negative entities.

  • 1st – Entity Removal
  • 2nd – Closing Dark Portals
  • 3rd – Strong Spiritual Protection
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Now it was apparent, darkness was necessary to gain more intelligence. Thus, you learn the role of dark beings is part of God's plan of progression.

Role of Dark Beings- Negative Entities| A Plan to Progress

In the pre-existence, you lived with God, who is pure light. You desired to emulate God. To become more Godlike, you needed to gain more intelligence. This meant you had arrived at a point you wanted to leave the “so-called classroom with God as your teacher” to venture out to participate in “a so-called on-the-job first-hand experience” to further your goal to increase intelligence. To fully understand light, you needed to experience darkness that you could not do in the presence of God, who is pure light. So, to further progress, you chose to leave God’s presence for a time. To better understand the good and the positive you enjoyed while in God’s presence, you also needed to experience opposition, the bad, and negativity. Now it was apparent darkness was necessary to gain more intelligence. Thus, you learned the role of dark beings is part of God’s plan of progression.

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You Have the Ability- Without Depending on Another Person

When dealing with negative entities most people focus outside of themselves hoping to find someone to heal them rather than focusing on their own inner strength which everyone possesses. This blog post is to help you recognize you have the ability to overcome by learning to depend directly on God rather than a man/woman with weaknesses.

I was elated when Ramana, a person I have been coaching to get rid of negative entities, reported, “I could see the entity outside of my head about a foot away. It was like an energetic moving spider. I was able to command, ‘You do not have the permission to enter my space!’ Then I was able to get the energetic spider away from me by asking for God, Jesus Christ, and the archangels to remove it! I was not tampered with!!” 

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In this blog post, I will present why I question this tradition of thinking and explore if darkness attacks light.

Darkness Attacks Light- Truth or Lie| Why You?

I was taught darkness (depression and dark entities) becomes present because you have inner darkness that attracted it. In this blog post, I will present why I question this tradition of thinking and explore if darkness attacks light.

Truth or Lie – Darkness Attacks Light

Darkness despises light because light reveals what cannot be detected in the dark. Darkness doesn’t despise itself (darkness). Darkness attacks light because light is the enemy of darkness. Now I have established why light is the opponent of darkness, I wish to consider this further.

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Green drinks provide the body with many health benefits. I can feel my body thanking me when drinking a non-fruity green drink.

Green Drinks Benefits- Versus Green Smoothies

I love to drink green drinks because they make me feel great and provide my body with many health benefits. I can often feel my body thanking me when I drink a green drink.

Drinking green drinks has a different effect than drinking green smoothies

It feels different drinking green drinks that consist of one ingredient, the juice of leafy greens, rather than added fruit and fiber included in “green smoothies” which are sweet, fun, and creative drinks.

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